While deploying the best technology and engineering the the most efficient processes are of critical importance, they mean little without the right people to manage them.

Xoverit’s Business Management Consultants are among the best. We seek out managers with many years of practical hands-on experience building, organizing and optimizing Information Technology organizations in a wide range of industries.

Typically our Business Management Consultants’ have over ten years industry experience, most have earned advanced degrees in the management sciences and many cut their teeth in the world of “Big 5” consulting.

With this type of experience it might not surprise you to learn that our consultants employ state-of-the-art management methodologies, organizational principles and tools that can transform your I.T. department into a powerful competitive asset.

And while the best tools, education and methods play a critical role in our client engagements perhaps our consultants most valuable attributes are a passion for I.T. excellence, the ability to effectively relate to and communicate with people at all levels of your business, entrepreneurial spirit and judgement honed by years of experience in some of most demanding corporate environments.

Our consultants will work with you to determine the optimal organizational structure for your I.T. organization. Here are some of the areas will we explore with you.

  • Desired Service Levels
  • Budget
  • Organizational Sizing, Including roles, responsibility and reporting structure
  • Staff suitability and performance assessment
  • Employee career development planning
  • Performance Management