The impact of your I.T. infrastructure on your business simply can’t be over emphasized. Xoverit’s consulting engineers have the experience and resources to advise you on the most complex infrastructure questions.

Our team of consultants will thoroughly evaluate your current hardware, software, security schema, data communications and network infrastructure and help you develop a robust infrastructure that ensure operational stability, flexibility and prepare you to grow. Our consultants specialize in helping organizations plan for new technologies in a cost effective way while retaining existing investments whenever possible. We value-engineer growth plans to address our clients’ goals and objectives, and provide real return on investment.

While every company’s need differs here are some of the infrastructure components typically evaluated.

  • Local and Wide-Area network architecture
  • I.T. Facilities and Provisioning
  • Network and Telecommunications Hardware
  • Server, Desktop and Printing Hardware
  • Business Software Applications
  • Product and Service Vendors
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness
  • Cyber and Physical Plant Security
  • Support Services
  • PBX and VoIP