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Xoverit Consultants is a unique and specialized information technology and business management consulting organization. We’ve brought together a board inter-disciplinary group of Technologists, Computer Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Business Management professionals focused on delivering proven strategies to help companies like yours organize, build and manage an effective, responsive and stable I.T. organization.

We help our clients implement long term information technology strategies based on their vision and corporate direction.

Whether it’s building a high caliber internal I.T. organization for a startup, infrastructure design-build, re-organizing your existing I.T. department, preparing you to meet todays demanding compliance requirements or engineering custom software applications, we work closely with you to craft the strategy and manage it to completion.

Xoverit’s consultants bring years of real world experience to solving complex problems and implementing proven management methods. However large or small your company may be you can benefit from a well organized internal I.T. department staffed by the best and brightest, that deploys well engineered infrastructure, adheres to best practices, operates based on well defined processes and delivers the highest levels of service. Your I.T. department should be a powerful competitive asset and not a management burden or distraction, it should deliver a high ROI and free you to pursue your core business objectives.